Taking care of your hands to prevent serious injury like carpal tunnel that can prevent you from following your dreams.

I've avoided the place a lot recently. For years, really. There are lots of reasons why I disappear for long periods and for a long time. I've blamed it on my personality type (INFJ) or my personal life happenings, that I keep more private than I ever realized. One of the things it took me for a long time to admit was that I was injured, seriously. 

I've known for years that my hands were injured because pain is a pretty good indicator but last month it was finally diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I cried. I had known for so long but hearing someone tell me for certain was damning and heart wrenching. All I could think was, "Now you need surgery," and I wanted to cry more because that is terrifying, expensive and with you forever. I was very lucky to find a physical therapist who specializes in hands who created a system and set of braces to completely reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome over a 6-8 week period. I am still in awe of how much he has been able to do. The braces leave lines on my hands when I take them off and though they eventually go away, I'm so thankful to look down at them some days. They are proof that I am getting better. They are the reason I can letter again. They are why I'm talking to you today. 

Take care of your hands. Take care of the muscles in your arms. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is complex but is based on crushed nerves from your neck to your hand. If there is one thing I've learned, it's all connected. Take care of yourself friends so you don't have to give up on your dreams like I did. There is a better way. Let's see what the future holds today.