It's back! They're coming! Silhouettes! 

I know you guys are obsessed with this series ALMOST as much as I am and I can't believe it's been almost 8 weeks since my last edition. What?! Seriously, let's never go that long again! 

I'm thrilled to be using photos this week of bloggers and ladies who I absolutely adore. The first image is of wonder-woman Allie Lehman who runs her blog, a business with her husband and is 50% of the mastermind behind everyone's favorite Death to Stock Photo. She is an amazing photographer and when I saw this self-portrait I was dying to make a silhouette out of it. She was kind enough to share her favorite quote to go along with it, isn't it just perfect?

The second image is of my favorite fashion & beauty blogger Breann Bowman. She is classic and beautiful and everything I wish I could accomplish with an outfit (which I can't by the way!) lol On top of running her own blog she is also the beauty editor for Lauren Kelp, keeps a stellar Steller account (see what I did there *wink*) and has a beautiful Instagram account to boot!

So here is the official 2015 welcome to Silhouettes. I hope you enjoy and share with your friends! Check out these amazing ladies and the beautiful work they do:

Allie Lehman - Be Up & Doing
Breann Bowman - Things We Fancy


Author: Hannah Reynolds
Images: 1 - Allie Lehman (Image License) /  2 - Breann Bowman (Image License)
Lettering & Edits: Pommel Lane