Silhouettes - A Lettering Series by Pommel Lane

I'm so excited to finally be hitting publish on this post. It started as a small burst of inspiration months ago and is finally a full-fledged personal project. 

I wanted to start this as a way to be free with my hand-lettering. Something that wasn't tied to anything other than practice. The goal here is not to be perfect. It is not to be technical or precise with every stroke or letter. I do hope these things will start to come naturally but this is about control and style throughout different letter shapes. 

I chose to make this project about silhouettes but by no means does that mean every image will be of people. Though the inspiration did come from the beauty images that plague this Pinterest board. It wasn't long before I started seeing shapes during my morning walks. I found that there were inspiring shapes throughout life, nature, and people that could benefit this project. So I won't be limiting myself to any one type of image or lettering - though I do plan on keeping it black and white for the time being. This could always change, I just want to see what comes out when it's back to basics. 

Originally, I was dead set on making this a 365 project. It is in fact possible. I know that I am capable though it never quite sat right with my gut. After sitting on it and thinking about what I want my days and schedule to look like, I decided to make this a weekly project with 3-4 pieces. Today you will see the first piece in this series and at the end of the week you will see the remaining pieces completed this week. Then every Thursday I'll be back to share my projects for the week.

I'm nervous about the undertaking, can you blame me? Though, I think the learning experience and the accomplishment of each piece will go a long way towards where I want to be. Making this a regular part of the blog is to keep me accountable. This blog is here to chronicle all pursuits - business, lettering, Abe, and everything life throws between.

So without any further ado... SILHOUETTES // 001

This beautiful image was taken by  Pearl and Godiva  in collaboration with  Paula O'Hara .

This beautiful image was taken by Pearl and Godiva in collaboration with Paula O'Hara.

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Author: Hannah Reynolds
Image Source: 1 - Death to the Stock Photo 
Image Source: 2 - via Pearl and Godiva in collaboration with Paula O'Hara
Lettering & Edits: Pommel Lane