"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." - Suzy Kassem | Pommel Lane #handlettering #freedownload #quote

I was finishing up this post before I had a client call this morning. I'm lagging. It's Monday and snow is on the ground, so don't mind the tardiness. But I scrapped what I was going to write here after my call because I had something much better to say, at least I think so ;)

I know this isn't a new quote by any means. I don't like to assume but I'm guessing most, if not all, of you have heard of it before. I think it rings true to the core of every entrepreneur, creative and human being out there. 

Whether you are a CEO sitting in a boardroom, a freelancer starting month number two at a small desk in your apartment, an astronaut training in zero gravity or just reading a book on the bus to your minimum wage job - you have dreams and I'll bet big ones. Don't give up on them. Don't talk yourself out of them. Be sensible, be smart and make calculated risks, but please DO take risks. Challenge yourself and push your comfort zone. From a former agoraphobe, self-admitted extreme introvert and an anxious socialite, DO IT. You will find beautiful people and wonderful things out in that world that terrifies you. It's worth it. 

I've always trusted and lived by my gut. I may not always listen to it right away, but I know it is always leading me in the right direction. It lead me to Oklahoma and I have found myself opened up to new things, new people and new experiences that I would have never imagined. I always knew running my own business was what I am meant to do. I'm still figuring out how to live this life long-term but I have to put in words that making this decision now has been one of the best of my life. If nothing else for the connections that have come from it. 

Here's to change. Here's to challenge. Here's to the next chapter... I like where it's going. 


"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." - Suzy Kassem | Free Mobile & Desktop Download by Pommel Lane | #freedownload #quote

Author: Hannah Reynolds
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